Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Moving at the speed of light!

Well it's the busy time of the year where it seems like we're running, running, running. Alex is playing soccer and baseball and Addie is in gymnastics. so it seems like most days we have something planned. Saturday alone we had 2 soccer games, a birthday party and baseball practice! Whew... Alex had a baseball game Monday night, Tuesday night and Addie has gymnastices on Thursday. Then Alex has a soccer game on Saturday! So that leaves Wednesday and Friday for downtime. Praise the Lord we do have some down time.

The kids are doing great. We had parent teacher conferences last week and both kids are making straight A's. So proud of them.. Alex is doing really well in soccer. I have to brag and say I think he's the best kid on the team.

Addie's really enjoying gymnastics. Ashton took the kids over to Johnny's Uncle Mike's Sunday. Addie got to milk a goat. I'd loved to have had a picture of her. I know it'd have been way to cute.

Last weekend Joe, Johnny and Alex went mushroom hunting. They asked Addie if she wanted to go and she decided not to. After they left she asked if mushrooms were animals. I told her no they were not. The she said... "How are they going to get the bullet out of them"... what a hoot!

We're planning our 25th wedding Anniversary. We're going to take a trip to Yellowstone. Looking forward to getting away and seeing some new sites. I hear Yellowstone is beautiful and we are so blessed to have the opportunity to be able to go.

Jonathon and Shawna have a firm date of June 11th at 5 PM for their wedding. It'll be held at Astounding Grace in Hindsville. Everyone is invited. If you need directions please let me know.

I hadn't updated in a while. Thought I'd better at least let you guys know I've not dropped of the face of the Earth.

Have a Blessed week.