Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Well the Little man of the house has had a cough for a few days and started complaining about a sore throat. We've been giving him over the counter medicine for his sore throat but this morning he woke up in tears with his throat hurting and running a fever. So Johnny took him to the doctor and sure enough he has tonsillitis. He's on medication and hopefully he'll be back to his normal self in a few days.

Last night we were at Ferns eating dinner and Addie finished eating before Alex. She gets up from the table and says Alex I'll be in the new hiding spot when you get done. He responds you mean behind the chair? Now how's that for giving away the location of the new hiding spot? LOL

Alex and Addie are over half way thru with school now. They're now bringing home books to read and taking spelling tests. I can't believe my littles are already reading. I'm so proud of them. They're doing well in school and reading seems to be coming easy for them. My two BIGS both struggled with reading.. So when did kids start reading in Kindergarten? I know I didn't and I know my two BIGS didn't. Man they start teaching them earlier and earlier.

Baby J came and stayed with us last Thursday night. She slept the entire time she was at the house. Believe me Nana tried to wake her up but to no avail. Jonathon and Shawna went out for a Valentines dinner celebration. Then we got to keep Bent on Saturday evening while Joe and Ashton went riding on Joe's new 4-wheeler. Bent's had ear infection but seems to be doing better. Jaylynn went to the doctor last week and she now weighs 9 lbs 15 oz.. Bent's going to have to do some growing or J's going to catch him!

Have a wonderful week.

Friday, February 11, 2011


I've refrained from complaining about the snow. But really that's all we've seen for weeks now so I couldn't pass up the need to voice that I'm really ready for some sun shine and some clear roads! Alex said this morning he was ready to go back to school! If school is in session on Monday (we've had 15, count them 15 snow days) the kids will enjoy a valentines party.

Back to the snow so over the last week I've to my count I have fallen 5 times. Yes 5 times. You ask why? Well I have to go feed the horse and I have to walk to the bottom of a very slick hill to feed the horse. So far no major injuries. My left shoulder is a tad bit sore but overall I'm good. I don't think I've ever fallen so much in my entire life. Just praising God no injuries.

For those of you that are keeping track on our loss of pets I do need to report that we made the choice last Friday to have Katie put down. Katie was somewhere around 18-19 years old and last Friday when we came home she had a huge knot about the size of a walnut come up on her side in one days time. She'd been falling a lot and getting VERY thin so we decided it was time. Over the last few years Katie was not the dog I remember when she was younger. Of course as we all age we're not the people we were when we where young. But at age 19 she NEVER complained about anything. She never whined. She just went with the flow. We will miss her a lot.

Here's a picture of Paulie and Katie in 2005. We miss them both.

Back to the snow... So what do you do with a dead dog when the ground is frozen? Well she's in the freezer! Yeah I just had to share. Odd I know but what else were we to do. We wanted to bury her at home so that is our only option at this time. Hopefully over the next few weeks the ground will thaw out enough so we can bury her. Besides that I kinda think the shock and awe of telling someone you have a dead dog in the fridge. Hey I have to have something to laugh about!

The news said yesterday that if it warms up next week we'll have almost a 100 degree difference in temperature change. 100 degree difference in some areas! Negative 30 is cold... 70 degree weather next week = 100 degree difference. To live in Arkansas!

The kids and grandkids are all doing well. Jaylynn will be a month old on the 17th and Bentley is now 6 months old. I haven't seen Jaylynn in about a week and I saw Bentey last weekend. Addie and Alex are with Ashton today so I'm sure they're spoiling him.

Well I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend. I hope you stay warm and enjoy your time with your family.
Blessings to you,