Friday, December 28, 2012

Cry for the Orphan

Yesterday our local Kiwanis group asked me to speak about our adoptions.  I have been fairly quiet the last year about our adoptions.   But if I am asked to speak I am glad to do so.  I enjoy it a lot and I am blessed to be able to encourage people to conisder giving a child a forever family.  Many Christan's go through life saying they don't know what Gods calling for their life is.  I don't have that excuse.  I know what Gods calling for my life is.  He called our family to adopt, he called us to be a voice for the orphan.  He called me to teach His will regarding the plite of the orphan.

As you all have probably heard R*ssia is currently considering closing adoptions to the United States.  This saddens my heart.  We have a close family friend that has adopted twice from Russia.  While in Vietnam she thanked the Director of the orphanage we visited for his dedication to the children there.  She spoke of the untolerable conditions her other two children had endured in R*ssia.  While I am saddened for the families that have longed to hold their children and may never have that opportunity.  My great sadness is for the children that will now linger in orphanages and will never see the outside of those orphanage walls.  These children are left in their cribs, tied to chairs and neglected.  I am sure there are good orphanages in R*ssia but to think about the possibility that non of these children will have the opportunity to have a normal life or to have a Mother, Father, sister or brother is beyond belief.  Politics should remain politics and the children should not be impacted.

I'm attaching a link to Linnys blog  she is a much better writer than I am and makes some good points regarding Gods timing and His mercy on us.  She has asked that we join her in prayer and fasting on 12/29/2012.  If you read this in time please join us.

With all that said I feel renewed with the fact that God has a work for me to do and I will continue to do His will.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


So earlier in the year I started running.  I was always one of those people that said, "Running is not for me." I decided that 2012 was going to be a year of change for me.  So I read the Bible in 90 days and on 3/31 I ran my first 2 mile run.  I ran at the Paws and Claws event at Withrow Springs.  I ran 2 miles in 23 minutes.  Which if you know anything about running that is really pretty dog gone slow!  But hey I did it.  So my next run was in Harrison.  It was a 5k which calculates out to be 3.2 miles.  I ran for Housing for the Orphans and I ran that in 37.05.  Which again is pretty dog gone slow!  Two weeks ago I ran at the Sugar Plum race in Springdale.  It was another 5k and I ran it in 32.43 minutes.  It was all pretty level and I had a 5 minute improvement in my time.  On Sunday I ran the Fayettevile 5k.  If you know anything about this 5k you know that it is hilly.  I was concerned that my time wouldn't be as good this go around since there were so many hills.  I was rather pleased with my results.  I ran it in 32.44.  One second difference than the weekend before.   So I'm running about an 11 minute mile on average which for "runners" that still pretty slow but I'm improving.  The last 2 events I've come in #6 in my age group so overall I'm pleased with my progress.  I'm not telling you about my running as an attempt to brag but to encourage all those people out there that have always said the same thing I did "running is not for me".   Get out and get moving.  You don't know what you can or can't do until you get out and give it a try.  

Here are a few pictures that you can chuck at.  I look like a fat cow!  No matter.. I'm moving and you can too!

This was the last 20 feet or so of the 5k.

Monday, December 10, 2012

It's almost Christmas!

I've been promising pictures for quite some time.  Well I finally have a couple to share.  I've got to get back to taking more pictures of the kids.  Especially here at Christmas.  I always do a comparitive growth year over year of the kids. 
Addie got a new hair cut last week.  It looks super cute on her.  I wish she'd take the barette out of it so you could see it down.  Alas, she likes it pulled back.
 We went to see Santa on Saturday.  We had over an hour wait to see Santa but the kids were troopers.  We then went to see the Christmas lights on the Fayetteville Square.  If you've never been to see the lights you really need to go it's a treat.
Last but not least Jonathon will turn 26 tomorrow! I can't believe he will be 26.  He has always been such a blessing to us.  He protects our county and he loves his family so much.  Happy Birthday Jonathon we are very proud of you!
Don't forget to be a blessing!  In doing so you will receive the greatest blessing yourself.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Whew October is over..

It seems like we had a birthday every week of October!  What we almost did!

Ashton October 13th
Alex October 19th
Joseph October 25th
Johnny November 1st

Yep the pocket book is now a bit lean starting the Christmas shopping season.

We pretty much get a break on birthdays until December.
Jonathon December 11th
Elmer December 15th
James December 17th
Shawna December 22nd

Yep our family pretty well celebrates birthdays in a two month time frame.  Right before Christmas.

I went and voted this morning.  I hope each of you did the same.  I'm one that says you don't have a right to complain if you don't take the opportunity you've been given to vote.  I hope you prayed and voted based on Biblical values.  I don't know what God has planned for our future but it is time we as Christians stand up for our rights and stand up for Biblical values.

To change the subject.. Addie has 3 loose teeth.  One is hanging loose and I can't get it pulled she starts crying the minute she thinks there's going to be pain.  I don't think  Alex is ever going to loose a tooth.  His teeth are still all intact.  It's funny one thing I was so worried about when we got pictures of him was that I thought he had bad teeth. The pictures just weren't clear.  He has a beautiful smile and great teeth.  I really dread it when the kids hit that ugly duckling stage where their teeth look two times to large for their heads.  I remember when the boys went thru that.  Jonathon ended up looking like a goofer and ended up needing braces.  He has great teeth now but it took almost 4 years to get him all straightened out. 

Well this is a mostly a random post about a bunch of nothing but I thought at least I could/should get on and post something.

Have a great week and make it count for the Lord.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Birthday

Five years ago today we celebrated Alex's 3rd birthday. This was his first birthday at home. It's hard to believe that "little man" as I call him just turned 8 years old or that he has been home for 5 years! Alex came home one week before his 3rd birthday.

We are blessed to be his parents. For those of you that know Alex you know that one of his favorite things in the whole world is to talk. That boy talks, theorizes and vocalizes anything that comes in his head. He doesn't have an indoor voice and he doesn't have a filter. Whatever he's thinking comes out of his mouth. He's very intelligent and very convincing. Last year his teacher told him, "I know your my smartest math student, but you are not always right." This year we've had to tell him that just because he knows the answer doesn't mean he can blurt it out in class. He loves to answer questions we told him he needs to give the other kids an opportunity to answer also. Alex continues to grow in the Lord. Two weeks ago he announced that he wants to be Baptized and he has started singing in the youth choir. Last weekend he sang during the Sunday morning service. The lady behind me said, "Boy he does a great job and he doesn't need a mic." Nope he doesn't need a mic you can hear him above all the other kids. He's a great brother, he's loving, kind and considerate and we love him dearly. As you can tell we have our hands full. But we wouldn't trade him for anything! He's our son. God had a plan that came together 5 years ago that brought Nguyen Nhat Hung (Alex) into our family as our forever son. God's timing and will is always perfect. We are far from perfect parents and our kids are far from perfect but we love them each one and consider blessed to be the parent to each one of them.

Happy Birthday Alex Scott. We love you!

I also want to wish Ashton and Joseph a Happy Birthday.  Ashton celebrated her 22nd birthday on the 13th.  Joseph will be celebrating his 22nd birthday on the 25th.

Have a wonderful day.  Many Blessings to you and your family.

Alex in Vietnam.  The first time we met.

 Our zany boy at Easter.  Wearing his batting helmet while he hunts eggs.. Hunting eggs is a serious sport at the Cornelison house.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

What's in a Penny?

This morning I was listening to American Family Radio on my way into work.  JJ and Ron were talking about kids putting things in there pockets.  It started out with a conversation about boys picking up rocks.  Then JJ told a story I think most of us have heard before.  It simply goes like this.  Most people don't bother to pick up a penny anymore.  We simply pass them by.  And you have probably noticed if you ever find any money more than likely it's a penny someone has dropped.  JJ told about a guy that had almost passed by without picking up a penny but on that particular day he decided he'd pick it up.  He read the words "In God We Trust" on the penny and the Lord spoke to this gentlemen letting him know to put his faith in Him. He was having a ruff time and the Lord used that penny to speak to him.  JJ continued the story talking about the death of his 5 year old son Cooper.  He had told his kids about picking up pennys and how they should always be reminded to put their trust in God. When Copper passed away his Mom was looking through his pants pocket and the only thing in his pocket was a single penny.  Reminding his family to put their trust in God.

The broadcast moved onto the next song and I pulled into a local Gas station and opened my door and about 5 steps in front of me.. You guessed it a penny.  Reminding me to put my Trust in God.

Has God spoken to you lately?  Are you listening?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Oh my goodness it's been over a month since I posted

I can't believe it's been that long since I've been on.  The last month has flown by.  We spent a weekend in Tulsa for Vietnam Heritage Weekend.  We spent 4 days in Tulsa for China Camp.  We celebrated Addie's 7th birthday all in the last month!  To say the least we've been a tad bit busy!

I haven't taken time to upload any pictures but believe me we have been enjoy our time away at camps and last weekend we enjoyed celebrating Addie's 7th birthday with family.

I have been trying to loose a few pounds and I have continued to exercise.  Earlier in the year I read the Bible in 90 days, ran my first 5k and now I've decided to try Conquering the Gauntlet!

Conquer the Gauntlet ™ is a 4 mile obstacle course race with over 25 grueling obstacles. This race will test your speed, agility, balance, and stamina. To Conquer the Gauntlet ™ you must have determination, purpose, and will-power.

Well I don't know if I'll be able to Conquer the Gauntlet or not but I'm going to give it a shot!  Hey we only live once.  Why not set goals and have things to plan for and look forward to.  Time flies by way too quick.  I decided this year was going to be a year of change for me.  A year where I step out beyond my safe, normal mode that I stay in and do some things different even if that means stepping out of my comfort zone and crawling in some mudd!

The kids and grandkids are doing well.  Bentley will be 2 years old next month!  I can't believe it's been 2 years already.  Jaylynn will come over tonight and spend the evening with Grandpa and Nanna and sweet Julie is growing leaps and bounds!

Have a wonderful week and make it count for the Lord!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Natrual Marvel in NW Arkansas

I'd been telling Johnny I'd like to go see these cotton wood trees for a while now.  Last night we headed over to my cousins property to take a look at them.  These trees are estimated to be 128 years old.  I was simply amazed at how big these trees are.  You don't find trees like this in NW Arkansas.  We have hail, tornados and icestorms.  Trees simply don't normally have the opportunity to get that big without being damaged some way or another.  What a true blessing to see them.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Where does the time go?

Six years ago this week Xin Jing Shanguan became our Addie Jewell Cornelison. I can't believe it's been 6 years since Addie came home. Six years ago we anxiously waited in a hotel hall way while they called one family at a time and introduced each of us to our daughters for the first time. What a glorious day to see each child placed with their forever family. This year all 7 of the girls will be together again for the 1st time in 6 years. We've had 6 of them together several times now but this year will be the first to have all 7 together. I'm anxious to see all the families and spend time with such great families. We will travel in July to Tulsa to meet everyone and to celebrate Gotcha day with our kiddos.

Addie 6 years ago!
Addie last weekend!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Below is a link of my son.  My son is the skinny cop.  They were pursueing a guy that had just shot a cop.  I praise God that the Police officer that was shot is ok.  I also Praise God that all the other Police officers were safe.  It breaks my heart to say the guy in the car died shortly after they pulled him out of the car.  He shot himself twice.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Meet Julie

Sweet Julie Madison Rose
weighing in at 8 lbs 2 oz and 20 3/4 inch long

Bentley giving baby sissy some love.

We are thrilled and blessed beyond measure.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Misc Pics

5 Generation Pic
My Granny
Ricky and Johnny at Easter
Alex riding his bike.
Addie and her dance team. 1st place in the talent show.
Joe, Ashton and Bentley
Jonathon, Shawna and Jaylynn
What a pair!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Fun at work

Every year our department has an awards ceremony and during the ceremony the last two years they've asked for video clips from teams with specific themes. This year was a theme for year in review. If you are not a computer geek you may not get some of the video. I think it's halarious and we had a great time creating the video. We won first place! I hope you find it funny too.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We've almost met our goal!

I'm a tad bit behind on my reading but less than a day behind so hoping to finish on time on Thursday. I hope you've hung in there and read with me and will finish on time also!

Mon ~ Heb 1:1 - Jas 3:12
Tues ~ Jas 3:13 - 3 Jn 14
Wed ~ Jude 1 - Rev 17:18
Thur ~ Rev 18:1 - Rev 22:21

On a side note I'm training to run a 5k. Wish me luck. I will run a 2K on Saturday to prepare. I've decided this is a new year and I want to try to accomplish some things I've never done before.

Julie Madison Rose Cornelison should be here any day. Keep posted for pictures!
Blessings to you!

Monday, March 19, 2012

We're in week 12!

Mon ~ Ac 6:8 - Ac 16:37
Tues ~ Ac 16:38 - Ac 28:16
Wed ~ Ac 28:17 - Ro 14:23
Thur ~ Ro 15:1 - 1Co 14:40
Fri ~ 1Co 15:1 - Gal 3:25
Sat ~ Gal 3:26 - Col 4:18
Sun ~ 1Th 1:1 - Phm 25

Then on to Hebrews thru Revelation and we'll be done!

I have to admit I'm about a day behind in my reading. I read a little bit thru lunch today to try to get caught up but I'm only on John 10 so I've got a bunch of reading to do today to get caught up to this weeks reading! Wish me luck. I can't fall behind and fail so close to the finish line! I can do this and so can you!

Monday, March 12, 2012

B90X - WEEK 11

Per my friend Connie we only have 2.5 weeks left of reading! That should rap up our reading around the first week of April. Once I'm done I'm going to try to find a good study devotional and delve into the things I've read more deeply. If anyone has a good study devoltional that you would recommend please send it my way.

Mon ~ Mt 26:57 - Mk 9:13
Tues ~ Mk 9:14 - Lk 1:80
Wed ~ Lk 2:1 - Lk 9:62
Thur ~ L 10:1 - Lk 20:19
Fri ~ Lk 20:20 - Jn 5:47
Sat ~ Jn 6:1 - Jn 15:17
Sun ~ Jn 15:18 - Ac 6:7

Monday, March 5, 2012

Week 10 B90X

Here we are already, week 10...We will start the New Testament this week!!!!

Mon ~ Da 9:1 - Hos 13:6
Tues ~ Hos 13:7 - Am 9:10
Wed ~ Am 9:11 - Nah 3:19
Thur ~ Hab 1:1 - Zec 10:12
Fri ~ Zec 11:1 - Mt 4:25
Sat ~ Mt 5:1 - Mt 15:39
Sun ~ Mt 16:1 - Mt 26:56

We are getting close to wrapping up our reading. We can do this!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Week 9

We only have 5 more weeks!

Monday, ~ Jer 33:23 - Jer 47:7
Tues ~ Jer 48:1 - La 1:22
Wed ~ La 2:1 - Eze 12:20
Thur ~ Eze 12:21 - Eze 23:39
Fri ~ Eze 23:40 - Eze 35:15
Sat ~ Eze 36:1 - Eze 47:12
Sun ~ Eze 47:13 - Da8:27

Friday, February 24, 2012

Prayers Needed

I just read about Abigail on another friends blog. This family really needs your prayers. Abigail just came home to her forever family last year and is battling cancer. Please click this link to read more of her story.

Her Mom has requested that we spread the word that she needs our prayers so let's all go to the Lord on her behalf.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Week 8 and Addie has a big week

Well we've hit week 8! We've made it over half way thru the Bible. If you've joined me I'm so glad you did. If you didn't. It's never to late! For those of you that say I don't have time. You make time for things you want to do..

Mon ~ Isa 14:1 - Isa 28:29
Tues ~ Isa 29:1 - Isa 41:18
Wed ~ Isa 41:19 - Isa 52:12
Thur ~ Isa 52:13 - Isa 66:18
Fri ~ Isa 66:19 - Jer 10:13
Sat ~ Jer 10:14 - Jer 23:8
Sun ~ Jer 23:9 - Jer 33:22

On to Addie news. Addie has had a big week. It started Friday when she brought home a note saying she'd been selected to be a Terrific Kid at school. A Terrific kid is chosen based on Attendence, Character and Academics. Addie gets a free lunch with her parents at school, an award ceremony and a sonic meal. Plus as she's told me.. Mom you get a bumper sticker letting everyone know I'm a Terrific Kid! Why yes you are siss.

Today our Agency contacted us. They said that Adoption Today had seen a picture of Addie and her friend Danette from Vietnam camp and they asked if they could feature the picture on the cover of Today Magazine! Well yes! I'd love for the world to see our baby girl and to be able to be a part of promoting Adoption.

I don't want to leave Mr. Alex out. Alex also has good grades and good attendance at school. He and Addie are head to head on their Academics at school. I am very proud of both kids. I'm one blessed Momma.
Here's a sample of the cover Addie and Dannette will be on in March.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Week 7 of our reading has started out with SNOW!

The kids and I are at home and it's snowing. I have the side walk shoveled and salted so hopefully we don't track too much snow and muck into the house. Should be a good day to sit next to the wood stove and read!

Mon ~ Ps 89:14 - Ps 108:13
Tues ~ Ps 109:1 -Ps 134:3
Wed ~ Ps 135:1- Pr 6:35
Thur ~ Pr 7:1- Pr 20:21
Fri ~ Pr20:22 - Ecc 2:26
Sat ~Ecc 3:1 - SoS 8:14
Sun ~Isa 1:1 - Isa 13:22

When we hit Psalm 119 we should be half way thru!

The kids are doing well. Addie has been outside playing in the snow with our new Yello Lab Bell. Alex is running around the house in his underwear which he seems to enjoy doing a lot lately. As hot as this living room is I don't blame him.

Joe, Ashton and Bent came over yesterday for lunch. Bents baby sister should be here in April. Excited to see what Bent will think of his new competion!

Jaylynn has now started walking. I haven't got to see her in a few weeks but maybe one day this week we'll get to see her. I saw Jonathon as I passed him going 60 last night while coming home from church. I let off the gas and prayed it was him in the cop car! I called and sure enough it was him. He asked was that you that just passed? Yep.. He said I was doing 58 and he didn't realize it was me! Proud that he serves our county as a deputy.

I'm blessed to be the mother of two grown men and to two littles that are becoming fine young men and women. Also soon to be blessed to be the Grandmother of 3 little ones that call me Nana.

Have a good week and make it count for the Lord.

Monday, February 6, 2012

It's week 6

Well I've made it to week 6 of the 90 day challenge. Not been easy but I'm sticking with it!

Mon ~ Ne 13:15 - Job 7:21
Tues ~ Job 8:1 - Job 24:25
Wed ~ Job 25:1 - Job 41:34
Thurs ~ Job 42:1 - Ps 24:10
Fri ~ Ps 25:1 - Ps 45:14
Sat ~ Ps 45:15 - Ps 69:21
Sun ~ Ps 69:22 - Ps 89:13

Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 5's reading

Mon ~ 1 Ch 1:1 - 1 Ch 9:44
Tues ~ 1 Ch 10:1 - 1 Ch 23:32
Wed ~ 1 Ch 24:1 - 2 Ch 7:10
Thur ~ 2 Ch 7:11 - 2 Ch 23:15
Fri ~ 2 Ch 23:16 - 2 Ch 35:15
Sat ~ 2 Ch 35:16 - Ez 10:44
Sun ~ Ne 1:1 - Ne 13:14

We will hit the half way mark this week!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Here's this weeks reading

Mon ~ 1 Sam 28:20 - 2 Sam 12:10
Tues ~ 2 Sam 12:11 - 2 Sam 22:18
Wed ~ 2 Sam 22:19 - 1 Kgs 7:37
Thurs ~ 1 Kgs 7:38 - 1 Kgs 16:20
Fri ~ 1 Kgs 16:21 - 2 Kgs 4:37
Sat~ 2 Kgs 4:38 - 2 Kgs 15:26
Sun~ 2 Kgs 15:27 - 2 Kgs 25:30

I'm really enjoying my reading and I hope you all are also.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Look who turned ONE!

Nanna's girl turned One today!

Happy Birthday Sweet Jaylynn Klayre!

Monday, January 16, 2012

B90X reading

Here's this weeks reading schedule.

Monday ~ Deut 23:12 - Deut 34:12
Tuesday ~ Jos 1:1 - Jos 14:15
Wednesday ~ Jos 15:1 - Jdg 3:27
Thursday ~ Jdg 3:28 - Jdg 15:12
Friday ~ Jdg 15:13 - Isa 2:29
Saturday~ Isa 2:30 - Isa 15:35
Sunday ~ Isa 16:1 - Isa 28:19

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


My bloggy friend Connie has challenged us to join her in reading the Bible in 90 days. I started this challenge last week and my friend Linda has joined me in the challenge. I'm posting Connie blog link below so you can read more about the challenge and I'm including two weeks worth of reading for "your reading pleassure". I hope you choose to join me! We can all start the year out full of God's word!

Monday ~ Gen 1:1 - Gen 16:16Day 2
Tuesday ~ Gen 17:1 - Gen 28:19Day 3
Wednesday ~ Gen 28:20 - Gen 40:11Day 4
Thursday ~ Gen 40:12 - Gen 50:26Day 5
Friday ~ Ex 1:1 - Ex 15:18Day 6
Saturday ~ Ex 15:19 - Ex 28:43Day 7
Sunday ~ Ex 29:1 - Ex 40:38

Monday ~ Lev 1:1 - Lev 14:32
Tuesday ~ Lev 14:33 - Lev 26:26
Wednesday ~ Lev 26:27 - Num 8:14
Thursday~ Num 8:15 - Num 21:7
Friday ~ Num 21:8 - Num 32:19
Saturday~ Num 32:20 - Deut 7:26
Sunday~ Deut 8:1 - Deut 23:11