Thursday, October 29, 2009

I live

For those of you that are my regular readers I aplogize for not posting in so long. I do not have internet connectivity at my work so I'm borrowing someone elses computer.

Things are going fairly well. Business is good. I'm a bit stressed and ask for your prayers.

I wanted to wish Ashton, Alex and Joseph Happy Birthdays! The first will be Johnny's birthday so if you see him wish him well also.

Gotta go clean out the deep fryer. It was fish day and it'll be a job to clean.

Keep me in your prayers as I make this transition.

My love to each of you!


Monday, October 5, 2009

First Day

Hmmm today is the first day of my new life beyond my career at JBHunt. I'm really not sure of what to think about the day. I did sleep in which was nice and I know something I won't be able to do once we get the cafe open. Last night at church I caught myself not checking my phone during service to ensure I hadn't missed a call from work. I also caught myself parking differently at church. I always parked so I could get out if I got called away by work. Little things that don't seem like much but little things that make a big difference. I loved my career at JBHunt but I feel like this is the time and the hour for me to move on. It's difficult to leave co-workers I love so dearly but I am determined that good friendships only die if you let them.

My co-workers gave me a wonderful going away Friday. I had cards, a signed jbhunt truck, a photo album and a digital photo frame. I also had many hugs, tears and joy that day. To my co-workers I saw thank you FOR EVERYTHING. You each have been a blessing to me and I'm a stronger person because of each of you.

So I'm going to head out the door this morning and start my new career. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

2 Years Ago

Two years ago today a little boy by the name of Nhat Hung Nyguen took my hand and walked away from the only home he had ever known! He was such a little man. He didn't cry or wimper and really didn't look back. He just took my hand and walked away from the orphanage and forever became our Alex Scott. We love him so dearly and have been so blessed to have been chosen to be his parents. I don't want to over look the opportunity to let everyone know how blessed we as parents are. Many people tell us how blessed our children are. But I have to say I think Johnny and I and are families are truly the ones that are blessed to have been chosen by God to raise these two wonderful children.

Alex has been such a joy to our family. Just this morning he crawled into bed with us and snuggled up tight and looked up at me and said "I love you too!" and in reply I said I love you to my little man.

Here's a picture of us leaving the orphanage. You can tell he's concerned but what a big boy.

and here's our little man today. What a beautiful smile!

Be Blessed and be a blessing!