Thursday, December 29, 2011

Almost New Years!

Well the year has pretty much flown. Seems like just yesterday it was May and we were going on our vacation to Yellowstone and now it's almost January 1st.

I hope everyone had a Blessed Christmas. Or as a lady from India wished me a Mary Charismas..I don't think I'll forget that one soon. You think she new Mary was the mother of Jesus? Sadly I doubt she did. I hope everyone remembered that Jesus is not only the reason for the season but the reason for all things. While our year has been beyond busy and while we did suffer the loss of a dear family member this year we are truly blessed beyond measure. Our kids are healthy, we have a "new" roof over our heads and we have food on the table. We also both have good jobs to be thankful for.

We moved into our "new to us home" the second week of November. I'm still getting use to living in a smaller house. I'm also still trying to get use to this now being our home. There are times that I go to fix dinner and I catch myself wanting to say something to Fern and then I realize she's not there. I found this Christmas very difficult/emotional. We surrounded our lives around James and Fern and their illnesses for over 3 years and now frankly there are times that I feel at a loss. Now free time is NOT a plenty... but I find myself missing them both so much. I think I'm just still grieving for our loss and at times also home sick for our old home. I really do like it here and it's starting to feel like home but it's definitely taking a while to get adjusted here and taking a while to feel like I'm not living in someone elses home.

The kids are doing well in school. They had a wonderul Christmas. We got a wii for Chirstmas and the kids are playing Just Dance. We're enjoying watching them dance and they're having a great time.

I took some pictures over Christmas. I promise I'll get them uploaded soon.

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year filled with many blessings.

We have someone coming to look at the cafe on Sunday. Please pray it goes well.