Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Morning

Well it's Saturday morning and I need to be cleaning the house but it's one of those days where I really would prefer to just sit and veg for a bit. Johnny headed to town to run some errands. The kids are watching cartoons and expanding the mess in the house. When my boys were little I spent all day Saturday mopping, sweeping, cleaning and doing laundry. Now my house is lucky if one room gets a good cleaning once a month. Life's to short to spend it constantly cleaning. So I forewarn anyone that wants to come visit come on over but know I'm not too terribly concerned if the house looks like a wreck. Alex and Addie will be past this age soon and the house will be in order again before you know it. Kids just grow up too quick.

I hope you all had an opportunity to look at the blog I posted last week. I started in 2007 and have made it thru 2008. I'm anxious to get caught up to the current date. I've been amazed at this girl named Katie and her joy for the Lord and her ability to drop everything that makes common sense to most of us and follow the Lord. Most of us as Christians worry to much about what others might think or how we're going to make it to truly step out on faith and do exactly what he's called us to do. Not that all of us are called to be Missionaries or called to adopt or called to preach but each of us has a purpose and a calling. Her blog has made me ask myself over and over am I stepping out on faith and doing all I'm called to do. We get so tied up in the day to day hassle of life that sometimes we forget to listen to the still small voice of our Lord.

I think tonight we're going to go to a Lunar New Year celebration. Last Saturday our Asian friends celebrated their New Year. We belong to a small adoption group that gets together from time to time to celebrate Holidays and things to allow our kids to see a small part of their culture and to be around kids and families that look like us. I'm just now getting to the point that when we go out I don't notice people watching us or questioning the appearance of our family. Some times it can be obvious. Last night Johnny brought the kids down to the cafe. I was talking to a customer telling her they were my kids. She responded your grandkids? lol.. It's always a learning process for everyone. I want the kids to be around other adoptive families so they can see that while we may be unique in some ways there are other families just like us. After all it's ok to be different. It's ok to be unique. It's ok to step out on faith! I'm so glad our family stepped out on faith. I encourage you to do so today. The blessing is far better that what people say or think.

Blessings to you all.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Well it's Friday

All week I've been contemplating on what I should post and haven't really come up with anything substantial to post. However as I scanned over to my friend Amy's blog I was touched as she was by another woman's blog. Amy posted this link on her blog and I thought I'd share it on mine also.

Here's the link to her blog.

Wow is all I can say. What an amazing woman she is. I've added her blog to my favorites. I wish I could write and share the word of God as she has. I know each of us has our own talents we just have to look to God for them and then act on them. You may not be called to move to a foreign country and adopt 13 kids. But consider what it is God has or is calling you to do and act upon it. My prayer is we'll all follow Him. That is truly follow Him no matter what the cost.

Blessings to each of you,