Friday, February 27, 2009

Cookies and more cookies

I was finally able to get my camera picked up so I'll try to attach a few pictures from home. My connection at home is terrible so I try not to post from home much. Instead I try to post from work during lunch which is much quicker and a fun way to pass the lunch hour.

Here are some pictures of the kids making cookies at church. I thought they did a wonderful job decorating them. They had great fun decorating, eating and then passing them out to the adults at the end of the service.

The finished product!

Here are some pictures I took after the ice we
received a couple of weeks ago.
The yard is still a mess. We have most of this in piles now but
need to dispose of it somehow.

Notice how close the tree came to hitting the back of Johnny's 71. This is the road going past our house. Needless to say people weren't moving much.

New Background and comments working

Thank you Amy. I now have a new background and have comments and it was so simple. I do appreciate it! I've found blogger much easier than I'd expected it to be and am enjoying it. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. We don't have any plans right now that I'm aware of. There's a chance of snow tomorrow so another weekend without getting my yard cleaned up from the ice storm. I guess I'm going to have to break down and see if I can hire someone to top my trees and get rid of the hanging branches since time on our end doesn't seem to be working out. I left my camera at my moms during the ice storm so I haven't been able to post or take any new pictures of the family. Hopefully I'll get it back this weekend and be able to post some new pics.

Blessings to all,

Thursday, February 26, 2009

For those that have been there and done that

Please tell me how or where many of you get the great themes and backgrounds you use on your blogs. I know this one is fairly generic and I don't have much added to it yet nor time to really read and figure it out so if any of you have any helpful hints please send them my way.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Moved to a new location!

As many of you know we've utilized for our family website for about 3 years now and have enjoyed it greatly but as the kids have grown I've decided we probably need to move on to a different blogging format. This is my first attempt at actually blogging so I do hope you enjoy the new site and look and feel. I'm sure I'll be changing and updating it as I learn more about blogger.


On Monday I went to a baby shower here at work. A co-worker of mine and his wife adopted a little special needs boy from New York. He's a little Chinese boy. This is the second special needs child they've adopted and I'm so tickled for their family. As we were sitting there oohing and aaahing over the baby another co-worker that had been invited to the baby shower stopped by to visit. Now he didn't know that James and Stephanie had adopted a little Chinese boy nor did he actually know that they had adopted. The invitation just stated that we were having a baby shower for James and Stephanie. So you see Gary look at baby Samuel and then look at James and Stephanie and then look at Samuel again. It was obvious that he was confused. So Danny (who has two children from Korea) leaned over and whispered in his ear that the baby was adopted. Gary responds and says oh I thought maybe he was one of Tina's kids. I know she has a couple of "rentals". Rentals! He called my kids rentals! The only thing I could do at the time was sort of laugh at him for his ignorance and turn around. After I left the shower it continued to eat at me that someone would call my kids "rentals". My kids nor anyone else's children are "rentals". They are a Blessing and a Gift from God! I consider myself to be blessed with four children and consider each of my children a Gift from God. Children are not rented, you do not purchase them or put them on a lease program. They are a life long commitment that each parent should take seriously no matter how they enter into your family. I've told a few people about this comment and several have stated how can someone be so ignorant. You wouldn't believe the stupid things an adoptive parent hears from time to time. But it is my job as a mom to educate others on the importance of thinking before you speak and understanding that a "child" is a "child" and that All Children are God's Children. When we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior we become Children of the most High. He graphs us into His kingdom through adoption. What a great gift Christ has given us. Should we not in return open our homes and our hearts to the orphaned children of the world? God does not call us "rentals". He calls us "My children". Can you think of a greater gift?
Tina (Bless mother)