Wednesday, October 12, 2011

3 Years ago!

3 years ago a cautious little boy wondering what just happened to him.

Now a little boy full of spunk and personality!

Can you believe it's been three years! Yep three years ago today Alex came home. We got off the plane surrounded by family and friends and Alex met his daddy, his sister and his big brother Joe for the first time. Upon arriving home big brother Jonathon came by to visit. It seems like yesterday the scared little boy that didn't speak any English came home. He quickly picked up english and quickly adapted to his sorroundings. Adoption of an older child is something you can not explain to someone that has not been there. There are many days of struggles and trials along with many days of overwhelming joy and happiness seeing the progress being made. Alex is now a full blown American boy. He really does not remember much about his home in Vietnam or much before coming home. He's an amazing, happy, smart little boy that loves to talk. Just last week week his teacher told him she could hear his voice anywhere. His reponse was if I was in Texas could you hear me! Yep that's our Alex. We wouldn't trade him for a millon dollars. We're so blessed and so glad that we were called by God to be the parents of "Nhat Hung Ngyuen" Our Alex Scott.

Happy forever family day Alex. Mom and Dad love you so much.