Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Birthday

Five years ago today we celebrated Alex's 3rd birthday. This was his first birthday at home. It's hard to believe that "little man" as I call him just turned 8 years old or that he has been home for 5 years! Alex came home one week before his 3rd birthday.

We are blessed to be his parents. For those of you that know Alex you know that one of his favorite things in the whole world is to talk. That boy talks, theorizes and vocalizes anything that comes in his head. He doesn't have an indoor voice and he doesn't have a filter. Whatever he's thinking comes out of his mouth. He's very intelligent and very convincing. Last year his teacher told him, "I know your my smartest math student, but you are not always right." This year we've had to tell him that just because he knows the answer doesn't mean he can blurt it out in class. He loves to answer questions we told him he needs to give the other kids an opportunity to answer also. Alex continues to grow in the Lord. Two weeks ago he announced that he wants to be Baptized and he has started singing in the youth choir. Last weekend he sang during the Sunday morning service. The lady behind me said, "Boy he does a great job and he doesn't need a mic." Nope he doesn't need a mic you can hear him above all the other kids. He's a great brother, he's loving, kind and considerate and we love him dearly. As you can tell we have our hands full. But we wouldn't trade him for anything! He's our son. God had a plan that came together 5 years ago that brought Nguyen Nhat Hung (Alex) into our family as our forever son. God's timing and will is always perfect. We are far from perfect parents and our kids are far from perfect but we love them each one and consider blessed to be the parent to each one of them.

Happy Birthday Alex Scott. We love you!

I also want to wish Ashton and Joseph a Happy Birthday.  Ashton celebrated her 22nd birthday on the 13th.  Joseph will be celebrating his 22nd birthday on the 25th.

Have a wonderful day.  Many Blessings to you and your family.

Alex in Vietnam.  The first time we met.

 Our zany boy at Easter.  Wearing his batting helmet while he hunts eggs.. Hunting eggs is a serious sport at the Cornelison house.