Thursday, August 30, 2012

What's in a Penny?

This morning I was listening to American Family Radio on my way into work.  JJ and Ron were talking about kids putting things in there pockets.  It started out with a conversation about boys picking up rocks.  Then JJ told a story I think most of us have heard before.  It simply goes like this.  Most people don't bother to pick up a penny anymore.  We simply pass them by.  And you have probably noticed if you ever find any money more than likely it's a penny someone has dropped.  JJ told about a guy that had almost passed by without picking up a penny but on that particular day he decided he'd pick it up.  He read the words "In God We Trust" on the penny and the Lord spoke to this gentlemen letting him know to put his faith in Him. He was having a ruff time and the Lord used that penny to speak to him.  JJ continued the story talking about the death of his 5 year old son Cooper.  He had told his kids about picking up pennys and how they should always be reminded to put their trust in God. When Copper passed away his Mom was looking through his pants pocket and the only thing in his pocket was a single penny.  Reminding his family to put their trust in God.

The broadcast moved onto the next song and I pulled into a local Gas station and opened my door and about 5 steps in front of me.. You guessed it a penny.  Reminding me to put my Trust in God.

Has God spoken to you lately?  Are you listening?