Friday, July 19, 2013

Fire works.. dangers and scares!

Wednesday evening I got a phone call from our nephew. The neighbor had called him to let him know that there was a fire in the field. Our nephew was on vacation and asked if I was at home. We are next door neighbors. I was not home. He said the neighbor was calling the fire department. Needless to say I hung up the phone and started calling family asking them to get there asap. I also called chu...rch members and asked them to pray they could get it under control. I want to thank our wonderful family, neighbors and fire department for coming out to help! I'm sad to report that someone built a sparkler pipe bomp and placed it in a cousins mail box and drove away. The bomp went off and caught the field on fire. The neighbors say that a dark blue with light blue trim chevy truck with 2 young boys was seen at the mail box and was seen speeding away. It's a sad day when young people don't consider the lives and live stock they put at stake by pulling stunts like this. I pray God convicts their hearts and they turn themselves in. Again thank you to everyone who was so gracious to help out!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Vacation and such!

I keep saying this but man where has the year gone.  I will add some pics to show you what we have been up to.   Last week we went to Orange Beach and had our wedding vows renewed.  Had a wonderful week at the beach.   Hope you enjoy the pics.


Friday, April 5, 2013

Been a while. Been a busy year so far.

I took this picture of the kids on Easter.  
Two beautiful kids I would have to say even though I know I'm partial!

Our grandbaby Julie will turn a year old on the 14th.  We will be celebrating her 1st birthday at our house on the 13th at 1.  We will have hamburgers and hotdogs.  The more the merrier!

My granny has been in the hospital.  She spent a week in the hospital.  Had 3 stints put in after a mild heart attack.  Fluid build up around her lungs kept her there for an extended stay.  The stint surgery went well.  We are glad to have her home.  My Aunt Donna, Uncle Bill and their boys Brad and Dewayne have been here visiting.  Brad and Dewayne fly and their boys fly back home today.  I hadn't seen them since I think 2001!  Brad hadn't been back to Arkansas since he was 15 and he is 47 now.  Boy how time flies.  It was good to see them again.

Alex has started his baseball season.  He's doing fairly well and seems to be enjoying it.  He has two great coaches and that makes a world of difference.

Addie is still doing tumbling an will start a dance class this coming Tuesday.  It's the same day as tumbling so that will make life a tad bit easier having it on the same day.

The kids are both doing well in school.  The both made straight A's on their report cards.  Hopefully they'll continue this trend as they go thru school!

The grandbabies are all doing well.  Julie gave us a scare in January.  She spent several days in ICU after getting the Flu and it turning into pneumonia and rsv.  She is growing like a weed and you can't tell today that she was even sick.  Bentley and Jaylynn are both officially potty trained!  I know their momma's have to be thrilled.  I know that definitely saves on the weekly bills!  This week I went to Granny's and Bentley was there.  He looked up and said Hey Nanna and came running.  I held out my arms to grab him and he passed Addie on his way and I was a long forgotten memory!  The kids love their Aunt Addie.  She is so good with them.  Jaylynn will spend this evening with us at the ball park.  Should give us some good quality time with her.  She is quiet the talker and very serious much like her Daddy.

Have a blessed week and don't forget to be a blessing to someone!