Wednesday, September 21, 2011


This past weekend we were able to go thru all of Ferns household items and most of Grandpa's household items. Ferns brothers and sisters came and went thru her items on Saturday and made a pretty good dent in moving many of her belongings to their homes. On Sunday Johnny and I and his brothers and sister-in laws went thru the majority of the items belonging to James. The house is in a big disarray now. Hopefully I can spend some time this week cleaning and organizing what's left. Johnny is wanting to start on the shop next. I told him that was his arena and he needed to organize that with his siblings since me and my sister-in law Debbie took care of the majority of the house. So far things have gone smooth. I ask you to continue to pray for all involved as we continue to make this transition.

Work is busy, home life is busy, overall we stay on our toes most of the time trying to get things accomplished. I'm hoping to have time to start painting, cleaning and organizing both homes soon. One in preparation to move into and the other in preparation to sell. Pray we'll have enough time, money and resources to get things done quickly so we can get this all behind us.

The kids are doing great. They had school pictures taken on Monday. I'm anxious to see how they turned out. First grade seems to be agreeing with them both. I'm anxious to see what their grades look like. Addie's teacher seems to be somewhat ahead of Alex's teacher. Addie's bringing home books to read already and Alex hasn't brought home any. I may have to message her to find out what's going on since I thought the majority of the time the teachers try to stay on the same learning path.

The kids and I are going to Gamelia, AR this weekend to visit my step sister. Looking forward to some down time of just relaxing. Sure hope it turns out relaxing and not a big chore. I really don't need anything else to do right now and I sure do need some time away.

Have a great week and make it count for the Lord.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Loss, Changes and Misc things

A year ago in June we lost Johnny's dad and then Sunday before last we lost Johnny's Aunt Fern who has been like a mother to him. Over the last 3 years Johnny and his brothers and their families have cared for James and Fern in their home. Johnny's dad and his Aunt Fern were the glue that held Johnny's family together. Not just Johnny and his siblings but his cousins, aunts and uncles and extended family. The home stead has been the go to place for family gathers for as long as I've been in the family which is now just a little over 25 years.

This weekend we will be dismantling the home stead. It makes me sad to have to do this and it makes me sad that they are gone. Johnny and I inherited the home a year ago last June when his dad passed away and we have plans to sell our home and to move into James and Ferns home. I've told the family that everyone is always welcome but as with everything all things change, people change and lives change. I hope everyone understands the situation Johnny and I are in and I hope everyone understands that we will need to make the house our "home" now. I ask for you continued prayers as we move forward in making this our new home. I ask that you pray that Johnny and I will be kind, considerate and thoughtful to others needs and desires when making decisions about the house and about the changes that are going to be made. I ask you to also pray for the other family members that they will also be kind, considerate and thoughtful in the decision that Johnny and I need to make. This is not an easy task and not a task that we asked for however it's something we need to move forward with.

Alex and Addie are doing well in school. Both appear to be excelling in their classes. They seem to be growing leaps and bounds before my eyes. It won't be long until I won't be able to call them "my littles" much longer.

Joe and Ashton are expecting their second child in April. Bentley is now walking and Jaylynn is starting to really show her personality and showing signs of being ready to start getting into everything so she can keep up with Bentley! Next Christmas should be a fun one at the Cornelison househould.

I hope you each have a great week. Don't forget to make it count for the Lord..

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Fern and Bentley

Fern 5 years ago
Fern a tad bit younger

Fern just after her fall.

Fern just before her fall.

Fern looking at a book with Addie.

Our family lost a very dear woman this week. Fern was a woman everyone loved dearly and a woman that I deeply admired. She was a righteous, virtuous, and a true woman of God. Her love for her family never waivered and we will greatly miss her.