Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Whew October is over..

It seems like we had a birthday every week of October!  What we almost did!

Ashton October 13th
Alex October 19th
Joseph October 25th
Johnny November 1st

Yep the pocket book is now a bit lean starting the Christmas shopping season.

We pretty much get a break on birthdays until December.
Jonathon December 11th
Elmer December 15th
James December 17th
Shawna December 22nd

Yep our family pretty well celebrates birthdays in a two month time frame.  Right before Christmas.

I went and voted this morning.  I hope each of you did the same.  I'm one that says you don't have a right to complain if you don't take the opportunity you've been given to vote.  I hope you prayed and voted based on Biblical values.  I don't know what God has planned for our future but it is time we as Christians stand up for our rights and stand up for Biblical values.

To change the subject.. Addie has 3 loose teeth.  One is hanging loose and I can't get it pulled she starts crying the minute she thinks there's going to be pain.  I don't think  Alex is ever going to loose a tooth.  His teeth are still all intact.  It's funny one thing I was so worried about when we got pictures of him was that I thought he had bad teeth. The pictures just weren't clear.  He has a beautiful smile and great teeth.  I really dread it when the kids hit that ugly duckling stage where their teeth look two times to large for their heads.  I remember when the boys went thru that.  Jonathon ended up looking like a goofer and ended up needing braces.  He has great teeth now but it took almost 4 years to get him all straightened out. 

Well this is a mostly a random post about a bunch of nothing but I thought at least I could/should get on and post something.

Have a great week and make it count for the Lord.

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